Advantages of Call-In Dictations Systems Over Analog Tapes
  1. Less opportunity of machine malfunction - no lost or broken tapes, no dead batteries, no malfunctioning tape recorders.
  2. Transcriptionists have faster access to the dictation, and can provide faster turn around time for the dictation.
  3. Quality of the dictation is clearer, thus lessening chances for errors in the dictation.
  4. Because of opportunity to access dictation through the internet or long distance - the most qualified transcriptionists can be utilized, without being limited to transcriptionists available locally at any given time.
  5. Many highly qualified transcriptionists will work only through long distance or internet, because they have faster access to dictation, thus having more control over their workday and productivity.
  6. Eliminates opportunities for loss or damage as tapes are being transported via courier.
  7. Provides opportunity for STAT dictation.
  8. Can be accessed from any phone.

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